Radon Mitigation Olathe Kansas

Radon Mitigation Olathe Kansas

Olathe, Kansas Radon Information

Radon gas is potentially dangerous radioactive byproduct of the decay of uranium or thorium, the two most common radioactive substances on the planet. Since radon gas is tasteless, colorless, odorless, and undetectable by ordinary means, specialized radon testing in necessary to ensure that radon levels are not too high.

There are some various methods of radon testing. More important than which type of radon test is conducted is the thoroughness of the investigation. Each room must undergo several rounds of radon testing since the amount of radon in a room can change rapidly.

Since it is impossible to eliminate radon completely, radon reduction is the goal. The process of reducing the amounts of radon in an inhabited structure is known as radon mitigation. Radon mitigation is generally accomplished via improved ventilation. The air circulation, both underneath concrete flooring and through existing duct work, is increased to get the radon out. The water supply lines within buildings must also often undergo radon mitigation to keep things safe.

The need for radon mitigation is especially increased in hot and humid climates where high indoor humidity exists. Air conditioners can sometimes aid in radon abatement, but one must not assume that because an AC unit cools well that it dehumidifies at a rate conducive to radon reduction.

Radon testing is not mandatory in most cases, but certain localities do require it. The need for radon abatement exists, in almost every state of the union. Since the risk of radon exists for everyone, it is wise to have a radon test done even if you do not suspect that high levels of radon are present in your home. Getting a radon system set up on your premises can make you aware of the levels of this gas. Radon eradication may not be achievable, but you can minimize this gas by calling in the professionals to help.

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Olathe Kansas Radon Remediation

About Olathe, Kansas

Olathe, Kansas, A Town of Striking Personality

Olathe Kansas is a city lying in the heart of the state's administrative center that has a rich and intriguing, albeit, dark and bloodthirsty past. Olathe Kansas was founded by a well known physician of the time, a one Dr. John T. Barton. Before founding Olathe Kansas, Barton trained in medicine at a school in Philadelphia and then went on to become the primary doctor of the Shawnee Indian tribe that called the northern region of Kansas their home.

Barton first traveled to the Shawnee with a Christian ministry mission in 1854 that was sent to convert the native populace and turn them away from, what was, at the time, considered to be there, "Heathen practices." Barton chose the name "Olathe," for Olathe Kansas due to its meaning in the Shawnee tongue, it meant, "Beautiful." This is somewhat ironic as Barton's, as well as most of the land prospectors and company men whom first settled the area had intentions that were anything but beautiful. To add to this irony, Barton was also fiercely pro slavery.

In the years following Olathe Kansas' founding the streets ran red with blood as anti slavery abolitionist clashed vehemently with the local, the established pro slavery advocates. However, in the days following Olathe Kansas' reception into the firmly established Union as a autonomous state, this tension eased greatly and the violence was, for a time, quelled.

Olathe Kansas has, ever since Barton founded it, been a nexus for strange and dangerous personalities, such as William Quantrill, the so called, "Most Reviled Man in Kansas." Quantrill was a pro slavery advocate whom was zealous about his beliefs that he conducted murderous raids in defense of the slavery establishment. Indeed, so grand was his bloodlust that he nearly destroyed all of Olathe Kansas in 1862, burning down most of the houses and slaughtering a large number of the populace.

However, not all of the well known historical personalities of Olathe Kansas were quite so grotesque. Olathe Kansas was also, at one point in time, the home of George Washington Carver, the famed agricultural researcher and the quirky, whimsical, and far lesser known, Indian Jim, or James G. Brown, whom was best known for laying many of the brick roads in the town. Indeed so prestigious was his skill that he once laid over 46,664 in less than a 8 hours!

All of these men, in one way or another have made Olathe was it is today, a vibrant and bustling town consistently ranked in the top 100 best places to live in the USA!

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