Radon Mitigation Nicholasville Kentucky

Radon Mitigation Nicholasville Kentucky

Radon Is A Silent Killer Requiring Testing And Abatement

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can enter your home as a result of variations in air pressure inside and outside your home. Radon gas is highly toxic. When the air pressure inside is less than that in the surrounding soil, existing radon can seep in through openings and cracks in the structure and foundation of the house.

The radioactive radon gas is created through the organic disintegration of uranium that is in rock, soil and water beneath and around your home. The variation in air pressure causes the lower pressure in the home to suck the radon into your house. Radon can also be introduced into your home through your water supply, particularly if your water is from a well. The easiest way to identify this occurrence is by testing the level of radon in your well water.

Radon gas is a silent killer. It is an invisible gas that can cause lung cancer if not carefully monitored. You can't see it and you cannot smell it. Radon testing should be performed routinely. Radon levels greater than 4 pCi/L is a danger requiring radon reduction through some sort of mitigation.

Radon mitigation can be arranged through a qualified contractor. Radon mitigation techniques will either prevent the radon from entering the premises or replace the air inside the home, essentially flushing out the bad air. However, the first step is to perform a complete survey of the house, identifying entry locations. Air infiltration should be measured if ventilation is a possible resolution for the radon abatement. Likewise, gamma measurements performed inside and outside the home will help identify whether building materials are a source of radon. The home survey and the radon mitigation need to be performed by qualified specialists familiar with the proper investigative and abatement methods to determine the best course of action for your home.

Sub-slab soil ventilation and suction is one radon system for abatement with success levels from 50 to 99 percent. Additional radon reduction methods include drain tile suction, block-wall suction, sealing the radon points of entry, crawlspace ventilation and depressurization of the crawlspace.

The success of any method varies according to the number and sources of radon penetrating your home. One method may not be sufficiently effective, requiring multiple methods of abatement. Reducing the levels of radon may be sufficient but a periodic radon test will be required.

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Nicholasville Kentucky Radon Remediation

Nicholasville, Kentucky

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