Radon Mitigation Louisville Kentucky

Radon Mitigation Louisville Kentucky

Check for radon in your home

Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that seeps out from the ground and into your home. It can especially be a problem in parts of the country where homes have basements. Radon gas exposure is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., making it important that you do radon testing to find out what the radon levels are in your home.

Radon Testing

To have a radon test done, you have to have a licensed radon testing contractor set up equipment in your home, usually in the basement. You have to leave all doors and windows closed and keep your air-conditioning or furnace off as much as possible for 24 hours during the radon test. If your levels of radon gas are above 4 pico curies per liter of air, you will need to have radon mitigation done to lower them.

Radon mitigation

Radon mitigation involves setting up a radon system in your home that disperses the gas to the outside. This radon abatement system involves a small motorized fan and a series of PVC pipes to pump the radon out of your home. A radon reduction system does involve drilling a hole near your home's foundation so the pipe can vent out.

Cost for a radon reduction system

Radon abatement usually costs the same as a typical home repair, although the cost can be higher depending on the conditions in your home and what kind of system you have. Once the radon mitigation system is installed, your city code may require that you have it inspected, which may be an additional cost, or it may be included in your installation costs. Once the system is up and running, you must check it periodically to make sure it is functioning properly.

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Louisville Kentucky Radon Remediation

Louisville Kentucky- A Southern Charmer

Louisville Kentucky is a happening city located in the Northern part of the state. It is the largest city in the state, and often referred to as a sister city to Columbus, Ohio. This area is often called "Kentuckiana" because it borders Indiana. The city of Louisville Kentucky was established in 1778 by the infamous Col. George Rogers Clark. Due to his significance to this city, many things are named after him.

The city of Louisville Kentucky has 399 square miles of land. It sits on the Ohio River and has close proximity to Ohio, Indian, Indianapolis and Tennessee. There are more than 756,832 people that call this area home, according to the last census. Because of the hub of businesses that have settled in this area, there are many jobs to be found. A major portion of the cities employers comes from local businesses like The University of Louisville, Louisville Cardinals, Louisville Slugger baseball bats and the UPS Worldwide Air Hub. There are three Fortune 500 companies located within Louisville Kentucky.

Getting in and out of Louisville Kentucky is rather easy. There are two major airports that service the area, Louisville International Airport and also Bowman Field. There are five main freeways that travel around and through the city. The outer-belt loop that connects them all is I-265. The traffic can be a headache during rush-hour, but getting around is rather easy in Louisville Kentucky, even for those who have never been here.

Louisville Kentucky has four distinct seasons. While they are in the humid subtropical climate, they can get some extremes during winter and spring. Snowfall is not uncommon, neither is thunderstorms and tornadoes. Temperatures can get into the 90 degree area during summer, and the lowest temperature on history is -22 degrees back in 1994. For those who love the big city feel, but prefer friendly locals and Southern Charm, Louisville Kentucky is the place to be.

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