Radon Mitigation Columbia Maryland

Radon Mitigation Columbia Maryland

Understanding Radon Dangers

If you ever wonder if your home has a high level of radon, all that is needed is a radon test to measure your radon levels. When you get those results, you may see numbers like 2pCi/L. Checking the Environmental Protection Agency's clarifications may still have you asking questions, but anyone can read that radon at certain levels can impact ones health.

What Does It Mean?

Basically, all levels of radon in a home are unsafe. The EPA just gives off a number of an acceptable range of radon that is less of a threat. A radon test can be helpful to know where your levels are. Once you do a little research, you will find out what pCi/L means in radon testing. Unless you paid attention in Chemistry class, the meanings may still be lost to you.

New Or Old

It does not matter if your home is brand new or older, chances are that radon will find its way inside. Even if radon testing is done before a house is built, there is still no way to know if radon will not develop after building the house without testing.

What Can Be Done?

If radon testing proves a high level of radon exists, radon reduction can be done by radon mitigation or radon abatement. Mitigating and abatement both relate to the reduction of radon gas in a home. Hiring a professional trained in radon mitigation and/or radon abatement is best for ensuring proper procedures are met for the utmost protection.

Having a radon system installed will keep track of radon gas and reduction levels. Radon mitigation also works for commercial buildings. Either way, radon mitigation will reduce and/or redirect gases to the outside of either building type to help clear the air.

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Columbia Maryland Radon Remediation

About Columbia, Maryland

This is a planned community with 10 villages in Howard County, in the state of Maryland and its population of over 103,000, makes Columbia Maryland the second most populated community after Baltimore. The 2013 U.S. Census Bureau statistic states, Columbia, Maryland ranks as one of the wealthiest counties within the United States. When it was first developed by James W. Rouse, human values were considered to be more important than position and economics.

The city of Columbia Maryland was formed in 1967 by Rouse, who was also an urban developer, real estate designer and philanthropist. His intention was to build a planned community which would eliminate class, race and religious segregation that existed everywhere else at the time. No wonder Columbia Maryland has been ranked as one of the best places to live by several magazines year after year!

Lake Kittamaqundi, Elkhorn and Wilde, are the three lakes located surrounding huge parks and forests within Columbia Maryland; a true paradise for bikers and jogger’s, and ideal for those who love fishing, sailing and boating. Summer fairs and year-round lakefront celebrations are famous attractions in Columbia Maryland, as well as the Columbia Festival of Arts, which is a magnet for worldwide tourists on a regular basis.

Edward Norton, American actor, screenwriter, film director, producer and grandson of James W. Rouse was born and raised in Columbia Maryland. Oprah Winfrey's broadcasting career took off while she lived in Columbia Maryland and was working in Baltimore. Several colleges are located in Columbia Maryland, including the American Career Institute, Lincoln College of Technology and University of Phoenix. John Hopkins University also has a campus there.

Today in a beautiful downtown building within Columbia Maryland known as the Rouse Company Headquarters, there is a new spa. There are also all types of international restaurants situated close to the cosmopolitan boutiques of Columbia Maryland, where it’s fun to eat and shop almost at the same time.

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