Radon Mitigation Ellicott-City Maryland

Radon Mitigation Ellicott-City Maryland

Ellicott City Radon Information

Radon gas occurs naturally. It has been with us since the formation of the earth and is present, in varying levels, everywhere. As Radium-226 decays, Radon-222 is formed. The danger of Radon gas in an enclosed space, such as your home, is that it can cause lung cancer. You cannot smell radon gas and you cannot taste it in the air. The EPA says that anything above 4 picocuries of radon in the air of your home could impair your health, as it is radiation. It is estimated to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Obviously mitigating and reducing the levels of radon in homes and public buildings concerns many people. However it is not impossible to achieve Radon abatement.

The level of radon can vary, due to the outside weather, the time of the year, and whether you keep your windows open most the time, or tightly sealed. Because it is one of the heavier gasses, radon tends to collect and pool in airtight spaces. Radon testing is fairly easy. You can test for radon in your home with what is known as a collection kit, or radon test kit. This kit is hung in a room on the lowest level of the house where people live and work. Generally the test kit is left hanging from about two to seven days. Some kits are intended to hang for about three months to a year, before being sent to a laboratory for testing.

Buildings that are tightly sealed against the weather present the biggest problem as far as keeping the air inside them breathable. Varnishes on the walls, floors and furniture, synthetic rugs and perfumes, as well as people coughing and sneezing, all contribute to indoor pollution. Ventilation that reduces those pollutants is also good for radon mitigation and radon reduction.

Methods intended specifically for mitigating high radon levels generally consist of installing a series of ducts and fans, called a radon system, placed in the walls and below the floors of the living areas of your home. One side benefit of having such duct and fan work in the walls of your home is that in hot, humid countries it can mitigate levels of mold and fungal growth in your walls. Ventilation of any sort is always good.

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Ellicott-City Maryland Radon Remediation

Ellicott City, Maryland

Ellicott City Maryland, is described as one of the state’s most desirable communities in which to reside. It has also been ranked as one of the top communities in which to live across the country in past surveys.

In Howard County, Ellicott City Maryland, has 75 schools within its 32 square mile land radius; it is a short drive from Baltimore up route 40. Ellicott City Maryland, is known for its historic Main Street. Shops, classy cafes and pricey restaurants beckon tourists. The train station is the oldest in the US, and served as terminal for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The Ellicott City Maryland station was a service center for steam locomotive, and today is a historic rail museum.

Concerning the eateries in Ellicott City Maryland, tour guides recommends John’s Bistro and the Crab Shanty as two unique establishments along the strip for one to visit. On the outskirts of Ellicott City is a spacious resort catering to guests and business clientele known as Turf Valley. Overnight stays at this destination start at about $120.00.

Ellicott City Maryland, one of the wealthiest communities in Maryland, according to city-data. The population is estimated to be about 65,000 people. The median age in Ellicott City Maryland is 40.6 years, and estimated median household income ranges from $110,000.00 to $240,000.00. The estimated median price for a house or condo in Ellicott City Maryland, is $515,000.00.

Other unique features of this charming community are its back roads. They have a history for being the most haunted roads on the US east coast, exuding an eerie sensation during night driving. Moreover, Ellicott City may be off the beaten path along the Baltimore Washington corridor. Its life-time natives noted to have thick Baltimore accents, and Korean American residents extend friendly cordiality.

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