Radon Mitigation Fort-Wayne Indiana

Radon Mitigation Fort-Wayne Indiana

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According to official reports from the U.S. Surgeon General's Office, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, close to twenty thousand deaths from lung cancer each year are caused from radon radioactive gas in our environments. Radon gas is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, and inert gas that is chemically un-reactive. The heaviest known gas in the periodic table, radon gas can easily be inhaled or ingested by humans.

There is a solution that involves radon testing, which is the only way to find dangerous radon levels in homes, schools, and business buildings. Because radon is a product of decay, this carcinogenic gas exists underground, in ground water, and in some building materials - in every one of the United States.

Through various federal agencies, an effective IAQ management program set up to perform each radon test to evaluate radon level and schedule radon mitigation in schools has been successful. As of 2015, many schools have already successfully applied and carried out radon mitigation strategies to provide safer environments for our children in the U.S.

Testing, Mitigation and Reduction

One type of radon reduction system for residential homes has a vacuum set up under the foundation that pulls contaminated air from the home into the exterior. EPA studies have found that this radon mitigation method results in radon reduction by 80-99 percent. This radon system also has a suction pipe that extends all the way through the roof to discharge toxic gas away from the building. An exhaust fan is installed to assist radon reduction and must be located outside of any occupied areas. For successful radon mitigation, this fan must run continuously.

If a building is suspected of retaining excess radon gas, there is no reason to panic, the first step is radon testing. There are qualified, certified radon abatement services available in every city. Call a radon abatement special for a consultation. They will go through a comprehensive radon testing audit and suggest the best possible solution for mitigation of any areas with danger levels of radon.

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Fort-Wayne Indiana Radon Remediation

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