Radon Mitigation Bloomington Indiana

Radon Mitigation Bloomington Indiana

Bloomington Radon Information

Brief Overview of Radon

Radon gas is a chemical emitted by Radium during its decaying phase. It is radioactive and considered dangerous to humans in large amounts. Since it has no smell or taste and is clear in appearance, most people don't even know they're in danger. Soil is largely composed of uranium, which breaks down into radium and then radon, so radon is a substance that occurs naturally all over the world. There are other radioactive substances, like thorium and actinium, that also break down into radon. Areas with a lot of granite or shale in the soil will usually have much higher radon levels. Radon is particularly hazardous in the lungs. Specialists believe that radon is one of the primary culprits of lung cancer, second only to cigarette smoking. This is because of the three substances radon breaks down into: polonium-214, polonium-218, and lead-214. These radioactive solids last much longer than the radon gas and the constant exposure can cause cancer.

If you are concerned about the levels of radon in your home, make sure to get radon testing; you can easily purchase a kit online. Even if your home already comes with a built-in radon system to keep you safe, you may still be at risk. Not all radon systems are built up to code, and many real estate workers try to save a buck by installing systems that are not approved. The only way to know is a radon test. Radon mitigation is the first course of action, usually just to increase ventilation. If this doesn't bring levels down enough, more expensive radon abatement techniques may be used. One fortunate thing about owning a radon system that is up to code is that they make it easier to install fans that will increase ventilation and help with radon reduction.

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Bloomington Indiana Radon Remediation

About Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington Indiana is a beautiful city that is located in the southern part of the state, and it is a part of the Monroe County district. Bloomington Indiana was not established until the year of 1818 by a group of settlers that came from four other states around the area. These settlers were the ones that gave the city its name, and they came up with Bloomington Indiana due to all of the beautiful blooming fields around the settlement.

Bloomington Indiana is the home of a variety of different aspects of the world as well. For instance, Bloomington Indiana is where Breaking Away, the 1979 award winning film, was produced. Bloomington Indiana is also considered to be a Tree City for over 30 years.

The economy of Bloomington Indiana is extremely diverse. It is home to a number of different large corporations and fields from advanced manufacturing to the life sciences. Bloomington Indiana has also been named for a number of awards when it comes to business. Like, it was named the third "Best Places for Business Careers" by Forbes Magazine and it was named one of "America's Best Cities for Doing Business", by Inc. Magazine.

Other than business, Bloomington Indiana is also known as a beautiful and festive city. They hold over 15 different festivals on a yearly basis from the Chocolate Festival to the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. When it comes to education, the residents of the city also have a large range of public education and private education venues to choose from. However, due to its post-secondary education schools, Bloomington Indiana is also a destination for a lot of young college students. The two post-secondary schools that students can take advantage of in the city are Ivy Tech Community College and Indiana University.

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