Radon Mitigation Indianapolis Indiana

Radon Mitigation Indianapolis Indiana

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Radon gas is formed by the radioactive decay of uranium in the soil. Radon gas has been known to be the leading cause of lung cancer in people who do not smoke. When buying a home, it is recommended by the state that a radon test be done. If the results of the radon test are at or above 4.0 pCi/L (Pico Curies per liter), the buyer may see the house as unsafe until a company performs radon mitigation. Radon mitigation is the process of an Indiana certified company coming in and installing a radon abatement system. This radon mitigation system will cause radon reduction and redirect the levels of radon into a ventilation pipe safely routed through the home. After the radon mitigation system is installed, more radon testing is done to determine if the house’s levels are below the recommended EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/L.

Radon testing is vital to do continuously with the EPA recommending a test every two years regardless of if you do or do not have system. Radon testing is a simple test that you or a company can do that will save lives. If a company finds the radon levels are above the action level, they will suggest installing a radon abatement system. This radon system is usually affordable and doesn’t take very long to install. So the next time you want to put your home up for sale, just follow a few steps. Contact your local Realtor and find out what the required tests are on a home. Have the tests done early on in the process. If there is an issue with the radon, you can take measures to have a radon reduction system installed. Then, when a buyer is looking at the home, you can present to them all the paperwork, proving the system is up to code. If you get a warranty on the system, that will help with the sale. Welcome to home safe home.

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Indianapolis Indiana Radon Remediation

About Indianapolis, Indiana

When most people think of Indiana, the first thing that comes to mind is cornfields and basketball. Indianapolis Indiana, the state's capital, continues to surprise tourists with its unique charm and heritage, breaking free of the stereotype that there is only corn in Indiana.

Located at the center of Indianapolis Indiana is Monument Circle, a circular drive that is bordered by four different streets branching out to the rest of the city. Inside the circle is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, a beautiful statue decorated with thousands of lights to form a giant Christmas tree-like structure the day after Thanksgiving. Monument Circle also hosts a variety of shops, businesses, and restaurants.

If you enjoy a good walk, take an afternoon stroll along The Indianapolis Indiana Canal. This three mile stretch of water is bordered by the Indianapolis Zoo on one end and hosts a variety of activities. Visitors can take a peek at a World War II memorial plaque, snuggle with a significant other on a Gondola ride, or visit one of several restaurants that line the sidewalk. From its quaint little waterfalls to a breathtaking view of White River, you don't want to miss this attraction when visiting Indianapolis Indiana.

Indianapolis Indiana is also gaining recognition for its attention to culture. The Indianapolis Indiana Museum Of Art hosts a lot of retrospective exhibits and also features contemporary creations. From Native American wood carvings to panoramic 19th century American landscape paintings, you will definitely feel like you're stepping into another world. The Children's Museum would be a wonderful experience for kids, hosting a variety of exhibits and activities that facilitate the learning experience through pictures and interactive tours. Indianapolis Indiana will truly stimulate your senses and make you feel at home. Visit Indianapolis Indiana today and see why this city is becoming first choice for savvy tourists across the country.

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