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Understanding The Risks of Radon in Your Home

While many people know the dangers of certain chemicals and toxins, there is one naturally occurring toxic gas that annually causes many people to develop lung problems including cancer without knowing they've even been exposed. This is caused by a natural gas known as Radon and has a level of radioactivity that makes it a health hazard. It is a naturally occurring element that is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Today, researchers know that radon gas is one of the leading causes of lung cancer aside from cigarette smoke and exposure to coal and asbestos. In fact, over 20,000 lung cancer deaths a year occur in America from exposure to toxic amounts of radon gas. This natural gas is found in homes across America that are built on ledge rock which is the number one place radon is found in nature. That is why radon reduction has become a major concern throughout the country.

The good news is there are ways to get a radon test to verify the levels in a home quite readily with the use of a radon testing kit. Anyone who is concerned about being exposed to this toxin should consider radon testing as a viable way to learn what possible exposure they have within their homes and devise a good plan for radon mitigation.

If a radon test is performed through a radon testing kit and it is determined that radon is in the home, then a radon system should be created that will allow for complete radon abatement in the home. Radon abatement is primarily done through creating a system which keeps any and all exposure to radioactive radon levels down to an acceptable amount or can eliminate it completely. Through a proper radon mitigation system, homeowners can create significant radon reduction thereby neutralizing any exposure risks they may have to this toxin.

It is important to note that all radon mitigation systems should be designed by a licensed radon remediation specialist to ensure they are done properly so they are effective. The only way to effectively rid a home that has radon in it is through the installation of a high quality radon mitigation system.

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Welcome to Aurora Colorado

Situated approximately 15 miles south of Denver International Airport, the thriving suburban area of Aurora Colorado is a vibrant, progressive and diverse community that has much to offer. Known as the Gateway to the Rockies, Aurora Colorado is located on the eastern edge of the Denver Metropolitan Area and forms a natural center for transportation. With more than 300,000 residents that make it home, Aurora Colorado is the third largest city in Colorado with spectacular views of the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

Because of its proximity to Denver, visitors to and residents of Aurora Colorado have easy access to all the services and activities that a major US metropolitan area affords. However, a closer look at Aurora Colorado finds that there is much to do within the confines of the city itself. Many restaurants abound for all tastes as well as major theater, the Fox Theater. Several major retail centers exist, including a new urban retail center, The Southlands, with space for over 150 stores. There are a couple of major reservoirs (Cherry Creek and Aurora) with boating, fishing and swimming available. There is a major outdoor sports park (Aurora Sports Park) with softball and baseball fields, soccer fields, and room to play football as well. In Aurora Colorado you’ll find more than 100 parks on 1800 acres, six municipal golf courses, 60 plus miles hiking/biking trails, and more than 6,000 acres of natural open space.

Aurora Colorado has many housing subdivisions that are remnants of the oil and housing boom of the 1980's as well as new developments. The leaders of the city of Aurora Colorado have created an urban area that has expanded rapidly while creating a system that has a variety of housing types, development and services, without sacrificing the beauty that exists.

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