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Are you on the market to sell your home? Is the thought of starting the process for selling your home overwhelming with all your state requires? When you sell your home there are many different types of tests that need to be done to ensure the home is safe for the buyer to live in. Aside from testing for lead paint, asbestos tests, radon testing is required.

Radon gas forms from decaying uranium from the soil. If the radon gas is too high, then the persons on residence are in danger of serious health issues, such as lung cancer. How you would proceed with the radon testing is by hiring a company that does it professionally. When the company performs a radon test, it is called radon mitigation. Radon mitigation is just another term for the process of radon testing.

When the radon mitigation process discovers radon levels to exceed the safe levels, radon abatement is required to make the home livable again. Radon abatement will is a system installed in your home to aide in radon reduction. This radon system is under warranty and will undergo future inspections by the company that preformed the radon mitigation.

When you sell your home, have all the testing done for radon levels. If the levels need to be adjusted, a company of professionals will come in, perform the necessary requirements to cause radon reduction, and give you the papers to finalize it. These papers are something vital to present to the Realtor when putting your home on the market. With the precautions taken against the radon, the market value of your home will increase. In the end, you will have the your money back from the taking initiative on the first radon test.

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Waltham, Massachusetts

Waltham, Massachusetts has its own personality despite the nearness of its more famous neighbor, Boston. As the early center for labor and manufacturing, Waltham Massachusetts is given credit as the home of the beginning of the American Industrial Revolution. Settled in 1634, the area along the banks of the Charles River was incorporated as Waltham Massachusetts in 1738. By the first census in 1790 it had 882 residents.

After the American Revolution, Waltham Massachusetts residents built dams on the Charles River to create power for the paper mills that constituted the first manufacturing in the town. In 1813, the Boston Manufacturing Company bought out one of the mills and converted it into a cotton textile mill using the first power loom. In 1820 in Waltham Massachusetts, the predominantly female workers of the factory protested lower wages in the first labor strike on US soil.

The next and largest manufacturer in Waltham Massachusetts was the Waltham Watch Company. They made the first American watches and were the first company to make watches in an assembly line. Their tenure from 1854 to 1957 gave Waltham Massachusetts the nickname "The Watch City". The 1880 census revealed the Waltham Watch Company employed 16% of the town's population. At the beginning of the 20th century Metz had progressed from bicycles to the first production line motorcycle in the US. This continued the tradition of Waltham Massachusetts as a manufacturing center.

As the manufacturing era waned, Waltham Massachusetts changed with the times. The old watch factory became an historic district with special shops. The two universities, Brandeis and Bentley established majors in modern technology. Today, roughly 10% of the population of 62,227 are computer specialists. It would appear the historical city of Waltham Massachusetts has transformed smoothly from the Industrial to the Electronic Era.

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