Radon Mitigation Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Radon Mitigation Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Radon in Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Radon is a lung cancer-causing element that can have horrible consequences, financially and physically. The costs of treating lung cancer can put a heavy toll on families and the survival rate is less than 15%. Radon mitigation can help prevent these health problems. If planning to sell a home, this preventative installation can make a home sale less of a problem and ensure the safety of its new occupants.


Radon gas is a silent unnoticeable substance but can be traced when tested. Out of fires, falls and drunk driving, radon is the leading cause of death for thousands when compared to in home dangers. Smokers increase their risk of illness from this invisible predator. A killer of thousands of unsuspecting people each year, radon is a dangerous gas. This substance is found everywhere. Put a radon mitigation system in place and protect your home from the devastating results of radon induces lung cancer. Services exist for radon testing, so it is unnecessary for people to risk becoming ill.


Radon tests can detect this invisible gas. Located everywhere in the United States, radon levels listed at or more than 4.0 pCi/L (picocuries per liter) present a danger. Exposure happens most where residents spend the majority of their time. Initiate radon abatement plans if radon levels are at the 4.0 pCi/L level. This atom is in schools, businesses, dorms, multifamily HUD homes and even the workplace. Some scientist have speculated that radon actually represents close to 15% of all radiation exposure to Americans with average outdoor radon readings of 0.4 pCi/l to 0.7 pCi/l. While the EPA has gone on record that “no radon level is safe”, it is especially important to maintain lowest possible concentration of radon achievable in your home.


Radon testing is recommended for all homes on first and second floor levels. This substance is found in soil, so it is possibly in these areas. Radon testing can be done with a kit but hiring a service professional may be a safer choice. Water is one of the carriers of radon but air is the point of most concern. Tests are conducted through short and long-term methods.


Radon mitigation is necessary in homes with modern slabs, dirt floors, field stone foundations, finished basements and crawlspaces alike. This is a radioactive gas, so a radon test is the best way to find out if your family is in danger. Radon reduction is best achieved by installer a radon ventilation fan in line with a PVC pipe vent. Find a licensed radon professional who can install your system and offer a warranty they can stand by. S.W.A.T. Environmental is well versed in just that with have installed approximately 100 radon mitigation systems in Shrewsbury proper and over 600 installations in Worcester County MA. S.W.A.T. is sure to satisfy your radon reduction needs.

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Shrewsbury Massachusetts Radon Remediation

Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Nestled in the hills outside of the second largest city in Massachusetts is Shrewsbury Massachusetts, a small suburban town. It is east of Worcester and separated from it by Lake Quinsigamond, a seven mile long lake. Shrewsbury Massachusetts is a small town with a unique history in the area.

Shrewsbury Massachusetts, unlike many towns and cities in central New England was not founded as a mill town. It was founded as an agricultural area with apple orchards. Eventually Shrewsbury Massachusetts became a popular commuter town for those who worked in Worcester but wanted to live outside the city. A trolley line, the only tracks ever in Shrewsbury Massachusetts were laid along what is now Route 9. Those tracks have long been covered and it is one of the few towns in the area which have no railroad tracks.

Throughout its history Shrewsbury Massachusetts has reinvented itself many times and has generally been a prosperous community. Some of the main industries of the town have been leather making, a gun smithy as well as a brass clock works and sawmills. Shrewsbury Massachusetts has also been very popular with its miles of lake front property.

Historically Shrewsbury Massachusetts was part of the Shays' Rebellion in 1786. It was the staging area for the locals who marched on the Worcester County Courthouse to demand relief for mortgage foreclosures. It also has the historic home of Artemas Ward, a general in the Revolutionary War. This house is located on the historic Boston Post Road which ran through Shrewsbury Massachusetts.

Shrewsbury Massachusetts is now a very popular suburban location outside the City of Worcester. It is within commuting distance of Boston as well as the majority of the larger cities within the state. This small town has an independent streak. The town owns its own electric company and has its own artesian wells to supply the town's population with water as well as electric service. Set within the many hills of the area and overlooking the beautiful Lake Quinsigamond this is one of the most beautiful towns in New England.

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