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Downers Grove, Illinois Radon Mitigation

Radon in Downers Grove, Illinois

Radon gas is carcinogenic and is an odorless & colorless gas that can cause lung cancer and other lung issues. Radon is a chronically dangerous gas and it enters your home through cracks in your foundation. radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in the soil. It is impossible to determine the presence of the gas unless you have a radon test done. Radon testing is pretty inexpensive and easy to do and radon tests can be found in local hardware shops or online. The EPA advises all households conduct radon testing to determine your indoor radon levels. The EPA's indoor levels are recommended at 4pCi/L and below however, the World Health Organization has a safe level of 2.7 pCi/L. If your indoor radon levels are anywhere in between it is also recommended that you monitor your levels through-out the year to see if you may need help with radon reduction in the future.

Short-term tests include charcoal test kits, alpha-track test kits, charcoal liquid scintillation test kits, or the electrets Ion chamber. The alpha track and the electrets detectors are also long-term testers. Radon testing is so inexpensive, and everyone should be able to afford it.

A radon system should be installed in your home for radon reduction if your indoor radon levels exceed 4.0 pCi/L which will keep your family safe from dangerous levels of radon gas. Depending on your levels of the gas it may be necessary to add multiple collection points or larger fans to your radon mitigation system or systems. There are simple and very cheap radon mitigation measures like increased ventilation of the house and installation of passive radon systems. Contacting a radon mitigation specialist is recommended if you have excessive radon levels and a professional should be able to recommend the best available options for effective radon reduction.

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Downers Grove, Illinois Radon Remediation

About Downers Grove, Illinois

Founded in 1873, Downers Grove Illinois is a beautiful village that is made up of roughly 44,000 citizens. These citizens have been called some of the most educated in the nation! The education in this adorable village consists of twelve public elementary schools, two public middle schools and two Catholic Schools. The students from each of these schools eventually end up at one of the two high schools. They are also the home of Midwestern University. The University trains their students to be a vast variety of admirable professionals. Professionals such as Osteopathic physicians; Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, and Dentists just to name a few. Downers Grove Illinois is known as one of the nation’s most educated because over 50% of their citizens 25 years old and older are graduates with a Bachelor’s or a variety of other Advanced Degrees. This is a great accomplishment since the national average is only 27.9%. Downers Grove Illinois has also been rated a Tree City USA 28 times by the National Arbor Day Foundation. These Tree Cities, like Downers Grove Illinois, are communities that are enhanced and better places to live because of their trees and other forestry. Downtown Downers Grove Illinois has also made the Top 10 List of the Best Downtown according to the Chicago Tribune. The village of Downers Grove Illinois is proud of their education and their accomplishments as a community. However, one thing that they are very proud of is their homes. Many of the remaining were built between 1908 and 1940 using kits. One of the oldest homes still standing in Downers Grove Illinois is the Blodgett House built in 1846. This house is now a museum that is part of the Underground Railroad. Downers Grove Illinois is a place with so much beauty, and so much history. It's a place that can be called home.

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