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Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is the result of the breakdown of uranium in water, soil, or rock. It enters your home through cracks in your foundation. These cracks allow the dangerous radon gas into your home but, it does not mean it will exit as quickly as it entered.

Radon levels need to be managed correctly and for many homeowners it is a simple two step process that will allow them to know their levels as well as handle radon mitigation. Obviously the best place to start is with step one radon testing.

The first step in understanding and controlling the levels of radon in your home starts with the all important radon testing of your home. Performing a radon test to see what your radon levels are will give you and your radon mitigation specialist a place to start and the level detected will help determine what may be needed for reducing the radon levels in your home. Once the radon test has been performed if radon abatement is necessary you move on to step two, radon mitigation.

After radon testing comes step two, radon mitigation. This generally happens when a homeowner contacts a professional who is an expert in radon abatement. This professional will give you a better understanding of exactly how the radon gas is entering your home and the best way to handle radon mitigation process. They will also be able to customize a radon system for your home to best reduce your radon levels. They have many different radon reduction techniques they can use in order to reduce the radon in your home so consult a professional who has the most experience.

Radon reduction is a simple two step process any homeowner can follow. Radon testing is a critical first step. If the levels are high enough you will need to move to step two. In both steps you should make sure to use a professional service. Once you have completed these steps you can be comfortable knowing that your home is radon free.

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