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Understanding the importance of radon mitigation is an area of home maintenance and safety that should not be underestimated. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends radon testing for every home that is to be sold and has also stated the monitoring of radon levels is important as radon gas produced by uranium breaking down in the soil is a major problem across the US. Using a radon system to check radon levels is a simple factor that can be done in both a long term and short term manner.

A radon test is the first step in radon abatement as the radon levels within a property must be monitored to make sure they not too high for humans to enter the building safely. Radon mitigation is generally concerned with the removal of radon gas from the property and preventing anymore entering through cracks and unsealed areas of the property. Once a radon test has been completed radon reduction can begin with the identification of how the gas is entering the property. Once radon testing is completed the chance to continue radon reduction techniques with the installation of pipes and ventilation systems is important as the gas must not be permitted to continue entering the property.

Just why is radon mitigation important? This is the question many people ask when they begin radon testing and start looking at the level of the gas in their property. Radon mitigation is important as this gas has no odor or color to identify it and can go unnoticed for years until a form of cancer is contracted by the residents of a property. The testing and radon abatement become important in keeping a property and its residents safe when the gas is entering the property through soil breakdown or through contaminated drinking water from wells being used for showers.

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Townsend Delaware Radon Remediation

About Townsend, Delaware

The small historical and charming town of Townsend Delaware located at the former site of Charley Town, where a community of free African-Americans lived in the mid 19th century. Around 1850 the Townsend brothers bought large quantities of farmland. Quickly the Delaware railroad moved in, bisecting the brother’s lands. Traffic from the railway and agriculture from farms led to an official Post Office. Eventually was the addition of a hotel and before long the residents set out to name the town after the primary landowners. Townsend was finally inducted into the Delaware General Assembly in 1885. Nearly 100 years later Townsend Delaware became listed on the National Register of Historical Places. (This information sourced from Townsend Delaware's marker set forth by citizens in 2008 that commiserates the small town’s history.)

Today, Townsend Delaware prepares for its 2015 10th anniversary annual Town Fair. The fair begins with the famed parade, marching from Fire Hall down Main Street ending at the Park. Floats, car shows, marching bands and characters for the kids create a fun start Townsend Delaware's traditional fair. Full kid fun is in gear with bouncy houses, trains, face painting, obstacle courses and over 70 different vendors. The townie competitors battle it out in dances, hula hooping, jump roping and more. Townsend Delaware’s k-9 unit brings in helicopters and full pet trick and costume contest judges are ready with prizes. This end of summer spectacular unites the whole Townsend Delaware community every September.

Weekly news letters, with words from the current mayor, keep residents up-to-date on current events, Townsend Delaware renovations and of course preparations for the fair. Townsend Delaware is a small town; according to the city hall official it boasts a total population of 2,300 people. This ensures the low crime-rate in the, everyone-knows-everyone town. Townsend Delaware also features a few small sandwich shops, pizza places, and antique shops.

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