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Radon mitigation services are valuable because radon is a dangerous, radioactive gas. Detecting radon without a testing is impossible since you cannot see, smell, or taste the gas. According to radon mitigation experts, the gas sends thousands of people to the hospital every year. Radon testing is the best way to protect your family. The inspection process is fast and inexpensive. If you use an efficient radon system, it will reduce the gas to acceptable levels.

A short-term test is a quick test that works and can help you establish a radon mitigation plan. Since radon levels can fluctuate there are several methods for radon testing, a short-term test may provide accurate results in a short time where-as A long-term monitor will monitor your levels throughout the year which can also give you a better plan for radon mitigation in your home.

When radon gas decays, it turns into radioactive particles, which can cause health issues over time in the lungs. The particles generate energy as they continue to break down. If this happens in the lungs, the energy will damage the surrounding tissue causing some severe health issues.

Radon abatement technicians reduce radon gas with a few different radon systems depending on your situation. Systems with a fan move the gas through the vents underneath the home and out of the home. Homeowners often request this reduction method because it doesn’t require any major renovations. Other radon systems, however, are not as convenient because technicians must place various components in the crawl spaces or in other locations in or outside of your home.

Overall, the process of reducing radon requires special skills and technical experience. It is advised to hire a radon specialist who has the proper training and certification needed to properly address your radon issues.

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Lewes Delaware Radon Remediation

About Lewes, Delaware

Lewes Delaware is a coastal historic town in Sussex county, Delaware with a population of approximately 2,800 permanent inhabitants. The location of Lewes Delaware on the North part of the Delaware bay and close to large cities as Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia , makes this town a preferred vacation town during summer. The major highways to reach Lewes Delaware are US # 1 and US #9.

The proximity of Lewes Delaware shore line to the South New Jersey town of Cape May made it possible to establish a ferry service between these two towns. The ferry ride is approximately one hour and it can accommodate people and cars, making it a great experience for people traveling South who want to avoid the traffic on the Delaware bridge and at the same time enjoy a boat ride.

Lewes Delaware is an old town founded in the 17th century considered to be the first city of the first state, which in the last years went through a revitalization with many historic colonial houses being restored and brought back to their former beauty. In Lewes Delaware one can find many places where tourists can enjoy a great vacation such as hotels, bed and breakfast establishments as well as many restaurants serving specialized sea food dishes as well as classic menus.

Lewes Delaware with its beautiful beaches enjoyable during summer is within driving distance from major cities and it has to offer a much quieter, family type atmosphere, than its competitor on the Delaware bay, Rehoboth beach. Lewes Delaware is home to famous lighthouses such as the Delaware Breakwater East End Light and the Harbor Refuge light and it has the Zwaanendael Museum featuring exhibits about the Delaware history. A beautiful place to spend a vacation or just to stop for a day, Lewes Delaware is certainly a great town which will delight you.

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