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The presence of radon gas in any property is something that is recommended to be checked in every home since high radon levels have been found across the United States and can cause major medical problems for anybody who has high levels over a prolonged period of time. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends every property undergoes a radon test at some point to make sure radon abatement techniques are not required in the home. For the majority of individuals the chance to undergo radon testing is designed to simply place their mind at ease over the problem of high radon levels that have been linked to the development of specific forms of cancer.

Radon testing can be completed in a short span of time and is recommended to make sure this naturally occurring gas that is produced when uranium breaks down in soil is not a problem in any home. Radon mitigation techniques can be simple to complete as the majority of radon is found as a gas entering a property through cracks in the foundation. Radon reduction can be as simple as adding extra forms of ventilation to allow the radon gas to exit the property and a greater level of seal being added to the exterior or interior foundations.

Radon mitigation can take many forms and the completion of radon testing is recommended to make sure this dangerous, but naturally occurring gas is low in your water supply or in your indoor air. Radon mitigation and a monitoring system can make sure your indoor levels of radon gas are safe in your home or in your water. Radon abatement and radon reduction techniques can be important and form the major aspects of radon mitigation techniques in any property where this odorless and colorless gas can cause problems with the health of residents.

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New Castle Delaware Radon Remediation

About New Castle, Delaware

New Castle Delaware is a municipality located in the County of New Castle Delaware. New Castle Delaware is located six (6) miles to the south of Wilmington Delaware and sits on the shores of the Delaware River. The most recent U.S. Census has the population of New Castle Delaware at 5,285 residents. This is a slight increase of 3,900 residents from the 2000 census.

One of the prime features of New Castle is the New Castle Historic District. This district is an area the size of approximately 4 times 5 city blocks squared and located in the middle of New Castle Delaware. The district contains approximately 500 historic sites and buildings which date from the 1700s through to 1940. The wealth of historic sites enabled New Castle Delaware to be declared a National Historic Landmark in 1967 and the New Castle Delaware historic district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1967 and then re-listed, with expanded buildings and boundaries in 1984. The New Castle Delaware historic district includes a total of 135 acres of land area and features the Amstel House and the Old New Castle Delaware Courthouse which are both separately listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

National Register of Historic Places was settled and founded by the Dutch West India Company around 1651 pursuant to the management of Dutch businessman Peter Stuyvesant. The Dutch first discovered, settled and named the New Castle settlement “Fort Casimir,” but this was later changed to “Fort Trinity” after conquest of the Swedes in 1654. The New Castle Delaware settlement was renamed, “New Sweden.” The Dutch re-conquered the colony of “New Sweden” a year later. As the New Castle settlement continued to grow, the Dutch authorities designed and laid out a grid systems of streets and created the town common known as the “The "Green,” which still exists today.

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