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Playing a guessing game with radon abatement is not the best way to keep a family safe from unhealthy radon exposure. It is believed that over 20,000 people lose their lives to radon each year. Radon is a substance that develops in the soil. It is a natural occurrence, but is harmful to your health and the issue should be addressed properly.

Radon rises as the decay of naturally occurring uranium in the soil or water. Sealing cracks in flooring improves radon reduction. Reducing harmful effects through professional radon checks is the best method of protecting a home from toxic levels of radon.

Radon mitigation will help reduce radon in your home. The only way to find out if radon mitigation is needed is through radon testing. Radon gas is invisible and dangerous, it is tasteless and does not carry an odor so it can go undetected without testing your home. Radon testing detects this unseen element and can indicate your radon levels. If it is found that your radon levels exceed the safe level of 4pCi/L radon reduction is suggested through radon mitigation by a professional.

Certified radon technicians, through radon mitigation, are able to reduce radon gas in your home helping you create an environment that limits the effects of radon gas on your health. Limiting radon exposure is crucial to the lives of millions of families and the presence of high radon levels increases the occurrence of lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses.

Radon Mitigation is recommended when a home has 2pCi/L to 4pCi/L or higher. It is considered important to reduce exposure and test at the 2 to 4pCi/L scale or below in your home. Initiating radon testing or installing a radon system if needed will help protect your family from this silent attacker.

Many homes today are constructed to resist radon’s accumulation today however, testing your home regularly and using a radon mitigation system are the best methods in controlling radon gas. The EPA has regional offices in place for information on radon testing and radon professionals in your area.

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Hamden Connecticut Radon Remediation

About City, State

If you are looking for a quiet and serene place to go for your dream vacation, then Hamden Connecticut is the right place to be. Hamden is a town that is primarily located in New Haven, Connecticut. It is fairly a small town with a population of just 60,000 or so. With that being said, Hamden Connecticut is nicknamed "The Land of the Sleeping Giant" because the shape resembles that of a slumbering creature that can be seen from both the North and South of the mountain.

Things to see in Hamden Connecticut

  • 24/7 Casino Entertainment
  • Dinosaur family-themed fun all summer long
  • Hamden, Connecticut fireworks 2015
  • Enjoy Lobster Lovers' taste fest while visiting Hamden Connecticut
  • Cool off at some of Hamden Connecticut's popular beaches
  • Water park fun
  • Ice cream shops
  • Camping
  • Rafting, tubing or paddle boarding

Besides all these fun-filled adventures, Hamden Connecticut also features historic lighthouses, seafaring villages, boating as well as fishing. If you want to hike in Hamden Connecticut, there are five saltwater hikes to choose from. Also, you are able to eat outdoors, in addition to participating in cool sailboat shows/events as well.

Hamden Connecticut also includes romantic couples escapes, an antiques trail for all you antique lovers out there and luxurious hotels. There are also small town villages to explore, fun-filled festivals, in addition to many shopping sites. Wait, there is even more.... Hamden, Connecticut also features motorcycle cruises, biking, museums and the city even allows pets to explore the area as well.

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