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When you are buying or selling a home it is important to have all the tests done to meet the required guidelines of the state. Some of the testing includes checking for termites. It may include checking for lead paint in the home or on outbuildings. It include testing for asbestos insulation. But it does not include testing for radon gas in and on the property. All of these tests are to maintain the health of the occupants in the residence. Although radon testing is not mandatory it is still just as important as the required tests and should not be overlooked.

Radon mitigation is a simple process and takes a short amount of time. This radon test checks the levels of radon gas on the property. If the radon test shows the radon levels are exceeding the standards of safety, then it is required for a new radon system to be installed. The system that regulates the radon is referred to as radon abatement.

The radon reduction system is vital not only to your health, but also to the home's value. If the radon testing does not show any reduction in the levels, then the home should not be sold and in a lot of cases the interested buyers may back out all together. After the home passes the radon testing, with acceptable radon levels any real-estate transaction pending or in process will not be held up from radon gas issues.

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If you are looking for a vacation spot you may want to consider Newington Connecticut. There are many things to do in Newington Connecticut especially if you have children.

At the top of the list for "things to do" for kids is Newington Children's Theatre Company. At the theatre plays performances are put on by kids of various ages and talent levels for your enjoyment. Keep in mind that you can save a little money by purchasing advanced tickets. The theatre is located at 743 North Mountain Road, Newington Connecticut. After the show take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese before rushing off to the local Dinosaur State Park nearby.

Now for the adults a very popular piece of history you will want to visit, the Iwo Jima Survivors Memorial Park. The park is located at Ella Grasso Blvd., Exit 29 off of Route 9, Newington Connecticut and will prove to be a great attraction to many individuals during their trip to Newington Connecticut. A second place that you will not want to leave without visiting is Mill Pond Park located at 123 Garfield St, Newington Connecticut. The park thrives of beautiful scenery as well as a breathtaking waterfall.

Now that you have visited a few of Newington Connecticut pieces of history you will now want to take time to take a load off at Brickhouse Bar & Grill located at 80 Market Square, Newington Connecticut. The business features a good variety of food including pizza and some of the greatest wings that you have ever ate. Keep in mind when you visit Brickhouse Bar & Grill that they do serve alcohol, just in case you were planning on taking the entire family for night out on the town.

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