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Radon Mitigation in Greenwich, Connecticut

Playing a guessing game with radon abatement is not the best way to keep a family free of unhealthy radon exposure. It is believed that over 20,000 people lose their lives to radon each year. Radon is a substance that develops in the soil. It is a natural occurrence, but is harmful to your health due to overexposure of the dangerous gas over time.

Use a radon mitigation system and keep contact with radon gas in your home to a minimum. Many construction companies are using building processes that aid in radon abatement. The only way to ensure low levels of radon in your home is through radon mitigation. So radon testing is an important first step that may lead you to radon mitigation. Radon gas is invisible, tasteless and does not carry an odor and Radon testing detects this unseen element and once the element is indicated, radon mitigation can take place.

Certified radon mitigation experts are able to remove this gas which in turn is helping consumers create an environment that limits the effects of radon gas exposure. Limiting radon exposure is crucial to the lives of millions of families because the presence of high radon levels can increases the probability of lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses.

Radon tests will help you find out what your interior radon levels are in your home. Radon is found in the air at levels of 1.3pCi/L therefore, it is considered important to test your home to make sure your radon levels are under the 2 to 4pCi/L scale. Radon rises as the decay of naturally occurring uranium in the soil occurs. Sealing cracks in your flooring improves radon reduction. Reducing harmful effects through professional radon mitigation is the best method of protecting a home from toxic levels of radon gas.

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Greenwich Connecticut Radon Remediation

About Greenwich, Connecticut

The town of Greenwich Connecticut sits along the Long Island Sound, making the town a special place to visit. Apart of Fairfield County, Greenwich Connecticut is on the outskirts of Wall Street, making this town home to many wealthy manhattanites. It's historic homes and beautifully kept gardens make Greenwich Connecticut a well mannered town. And to bring my words to life, the most expensive house in America was just put on the market for 190$ million, in, yeah you guessed it - Greenwich Connecticut. Greenwich Connecticut is the ideal picture of small town living in America, and that is perhaps why it has been in multiple films for such reasons.

Many tourists trip to Greenwich Connecticut because the town is a part of The Long Island Sound, which is an island group in New York. For those visiting Greenwich Connecticut the town offers multiple ritzy and high end places for staying. The Stanton House was rated #1 on TripAdvisor. And coming in a close second The Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel.

There are many things to do in the town of Greenwich Connecticut, including the Audubon Center. This center includes back county trails for hiking in the woods and wetlands. Not your cup of tea? Check out the Bruce Museum which is a medium size museum that puts on a high-quality art and science exhibitions. Still not interested? Well you must check on the Greenwich avenue. Greenwich Connecticut does not disappoint when it comes to shopping and dining. This lovely upscale shopping experience is about a mile long and when you've had enough shopping, stop into one their elegant restaurants for an excellent dining experience.

In any case, Greenwich Connecticut is the perfect place for a family vacation, or a day trip with your friends. The perfect time to visit Greenwich is in the summer. Make sure to pack a lunch and head to Greenwich point, a favorite spot with Manhattan skyline.

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